The Archetypal Animus and its Effects on
the Feminine.
Violence, aggression and rage are tearing our society apart. The ability to relate, compromise and listen is being pushed aside. There is an imbalance between doing and being which allows little space for our personal identity and self-worth to manifest. Uccello's painting of 'St. George and the Dragon' is used to illuminate the problem and point to possible solutions.

Amor and Psyche: Ancient Myth, Modern Plight. In this weekend seminar, we explore patterns of understanding for the soul held captive by rapacious masculine forces. The fairytale of 'Amor and Psyche' will be used as a guide for understanding the soul's escape from captivity to a state of love and relationship.

Eros in the Land of Abundance. In this lecture, we examine Titian's magnificent painting, 'Madonna and the Rabbit'. from a symbolic point of view. The painting presents a scene and a landscape that can be significant for the contemporary woman living in a land of abundance and searching for meaning and relationship.

The Quickening of the Animus: a dance of Light and Shadow. It is very often in our shadowy moments that we experience the emotional flicker of life and creativity. Slides of nature and art will allow us to experience how the play of light and shadow can heighten our ability to see and nurture emotional richness in our lives.

Development of the Animus: a Herculean Task.
In order to enter and succeed in the world of the Fathers, women and men can get caught by powerful one-sided forces rampant in our patriarchal culture, forces that can prevent the flourishing of innate potentials of the individual. Under such rational conditions, relationship and emotional connectedness can become problematic. In this eight-week seminar the 'Thirteen Labors of Hercules' are used as a symbolic roadmap to become aware and find possible avenues to mitigate these one sided masculine archetypal forces in our lives.

The Self in Search of an Ego.
Jung writes of the 'Self" as the creative point where God and man meet. It is only after this creative point is experienced that the dance with life can begin. Success, power, and achievement are not always a sign of a strong ego. In this lecture and workshop, we explore some possible circumstances in which our environment can fuel the ego at the expense of the Self. A successful life can make the ego appear as strong but in fact is being held in the clutches of patriarchal convention. Unable to hear the Self such a person is unable to heed the call to wholeness, the call to life.

The Nativity. In the West every Christmas, the Nativity scene is widely exposed to the general public. Caught in the frantic rush of the season, people continuously pass by this majestic scene. The question hardly asked and rarely answered is do each of us relate to these central figures? In this one-day seminar, images, stories, and music are used to stir up and share the relevance of these figures in the lives of the participants.

Betrayal: Seduction and Abandonment in Soul Making. Love and betrayal are two powerful forces very much alive today and calling for attention. In the weekend workshop, the betrayal motif developed in the tale "Amor and Psyche" is closely examined. Together we will read the tale to learn from and become aware of both the destructive and transformative power of betrayal as experienced in our individual lives.

Waning of the Moon: A Journey to Baba Yaga's Hut. Growing old, aging, and ultimately meeting death constitute an inevitable phase of the life cycle. As we read the Russian fairytale of 'Vaselisa the Beautiful' we will explore in particular the symbolic relevance and presence of Baba Yaga. Together we will examine both the dark and light powers of the 'Old One' to gain personal insight and discover meaning concealed in this developmental stage of life.

Introduction to Dream Analysis. Dreams offer us symbolic stories that can open memories, insights, and experiences; they can also awaken dormant qualities in the personality and reveal unconscious projections in our relationships. The dream is one of the guides that can help us bridge our inner and outer worlds. In this seminar, sample dreams from participants are looked at through the lens of analytical psychology to explore how the dream can offer new points of view and ways of getting over deadening one-sidedness.

Is Anger a Barrier to Love? What is anger? How does it manifest? What masks does it wear? How can it destroy our bodies, our relationships and our society? Can this powerful force be a conduit for transfor-mation and love? In this one-day seminar, we will address these questions as we explore this powerful emotion as it affects our capacity to love. Art, dreams, life stories and motifs from myths an fairy tales will be used to elicit discussion through personal experiences.
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