About Jung and Analytical Psychology
Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961), a Swiss psychiatrist, was the founder of Analytical Psychology. Jung incorporated into his work a wide range of interests, such as comparative religions, mythology, and alchemy, and place special emphasis on the importance of symbols. Focusing on the analysis of dreams and their symbols as a way to gain knowledge of the unconscious, he showed that awareness and acceptance of the unconscious can lead to a healing sense of wholeness.

Jung introduced such terms as collective unconscious, individuation, complexes, archetype, extrovert and introvert into both psychological and everyday language. After his death, Analytical Psychology developed internationally to fit modern needs.

A trained Jungian psychologist works with neurotic disturbances, relationship problems in private or work life, and blocked development in various stages of life. In cooperation with a psychiatrist, she or he deals also with serious mental disorders.

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