Paola Biola trained as a Jungian analyst at the C.G. JUNG Institute in Zurich, receiving her diploma in Analytical Psychology in 1992. Her thesis, “The Patriarchal Woman: The Problems of Identity and Self-worth in the Contemporary Woman,” showed how seduction by the collective patriarchy can damage the feminine soul.

Prior to becoming an analyst, Paola received a Masters degree from Goddard College, where she focused on women’s experience of relationship problems from father loss, whether through death, divorce or emotional abandonment. Her thesis was entitled, “Beyond Father Loss: The Absent Father and Possible Effects on the Personality Formation of the Daughter.”

A graduate of the Foreign Service School at Georgetown University, Paola worked in international business for over fifteen years. As an executive with multinational corporations, she traveled widely in Latin America, Europe, and Africa. She also started a business which she managed for many years.

Today Paola has a private practice in an old farmhouse in Harpswell, Maine, where she lives with her dog, Allie, and a cat named Maya. In addition to her work as an analyst, Paola enjoys exploring faraway places, folk art, gardening and the company of good friends.

Professional Affiliations
International Association of Analytical Psychology
Association of Graduate Analytical Psychologists of the C.G. Jung Institiute Zurich
New England Society of Jungian Analysts
Brunswick CG Jung Center

National Association for the Advancement of Psychoanalysis: Certificate # P911130
State of Maine License #RC1158

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